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The Department of Architecture

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Architecture personal statements can be challenging. Here's how to write one the admissions committee is never going to forget. There are so many fantastic architecture schools out there -- check out our deep dives into Harvard and Yale for two specific examples -- but one thing that they all have in common is the requirement that all applicants write an admissions essay.

Writing a personal statement for Cambridge is agonising. Each of the 4, characters is as painful as watching polytechnics trying to convince us they’re relevant. (Oh chill-out it’s an. Architecture – (Bath, Cambridge Interview, Edinburgh, Ucl, Westminster) As part of a two week work experience at a London based architectural firm, I was around for the design phase of.

Cambridge Personal Statements This page (which you can edit) is part of The Student Room's information and advice about Oxford and Cambridge (known collectively as Oxbridge).

Whilst the two universities have have much in common, they also have many differences. Exceptional learning environment. The Department of Architecture at Cambridge is an exciting place to study. Regularly lauded as one of the leading architecture schools in the world, students study under the guidance of world-renowned researchers and ground-breaking practitioners.

Architecture personal statement cambridge
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The Department of Architecture - Harvard Graduate School of Design