Describing the persons personality traits and

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Positive Personality Adjectives

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How to Describe Your Personality in English

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Select descriptive words form the list below, or from the collection of lists listed. 15 Personality Traits of the Most Successful People. Money 15 Personality Traits of the Most Successful People.

there are a core set of personality traits that are common to all successful people. Trait theory is focused on identifying and measuring these individual personality characteristics. Gordon Allport’s Trait Theory Inpsychologist Gordon Allport found that one English-language dictionary alone contained more than 4, words describing different personality traits.

A vocabulary word list (word bank) of adjectives describing people and their personal qualities. Primary Personality Traits. Positive Traits ( = 37%) Accessible; Active; Adaptable; Admirable; Adventurous; Agreeable; Alert; Allocentric; Amiable; Anticipative.

Understanding these examples of personality traits is a great way to start your journey toward self-discovery. Make a concerted effort to fill up that journal with evocative questions and answers. Make the investment and mold yourself into the best possible version of yourself.

Describing the persons personality traits and
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