Personality and organizational commitment relationship

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Organizational commitment

ABSTRACT - This article discusses an often overlooked issue in complaint behavior, the interactive exchange between the organization and the consumer. conscientiousness and organizational commitment (r=), a positive relationship between compatibility and organizational commitment (r=).

And the relationship between vocational interest and organizational commitment (r=) is positive. Organizational commitment is the "extent to which an employee develops an attachment and feels a sense of allegiance to his or her employer (PSUWC, ). Organizational commitment is made up of three levels of commitment: affective, continuance, and normative.

Personality is the study of the person, that is, the complete human individual. In organizational behaviour studies, individual personality is important because the employees’ individual personalities refer to their dynamic mental structures and coordinated processes of the mind, which determine their emotional and behavioural adjustments to the organization.

Satisfaction (JS) and Organizational Commitment (OC) have been the subjects of a large amount of empirical research, but the nature of the causal relationship between JS and OC is still disputed.

Personality and organizational commitment relationship
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